Monday, June 25, 2018

Let's Make a Beautiful Candle Votive!

Let's make a simple candle votive with Creative Paperclay! I am just now getting back into working with Creative Paperclay and I'm loving it! I keep coming up with ideas faster than I can make them.

These are the items needed for this project:

Creative Paperclay
Glass Votive ( I used a short one for this beginning project )
Assorted tools for rolling the clay out and making marks
Some metal tools for cutting out spots
White Acrylic Paint ( I used outdoor paint )
Plaid Glitterific Paint

I know it's hard to believe that you can make a votive candle cover out of simple Creative Paperclay and a glass votive that you purchase at the Dollar Tree. I did indeed purchase the candle votive at the Dollar Tree so you know that I didn't spend much money. I rolled the clay out until it was roughly 1/4 inch thick, wrapped it around the candle votive, smoothed out the crease where the ends met and trimmed up the top and bottom. I left the top a little wonky because I wanted it to be that way. Once the clay was ready I used a clay mark maker and made all sorts of lines on the clay, going in different directions. I then used some metal clay cutters and cut out shapes in the clay to let light through once a candle had been placed in the votive. Let your clay dry as long as it needs to and in this case I just left it for a couple of days

After the clay was dry I used the white outdoor acrylic paint that I had to paint the outside of the clay.
Once the paint was all dry I thought it looked a little plain and decided to use the Plaid Glitterific  to bling it up a little, and it really worked!

Nothing left to do but to put a candle in it, turn the lights down low and see how it looked.

I set the candle on the hearth of my fireplace which is rock to take this picture and look how pretty it is! I hope you can see the light shining out of the cutouts and leaving spots of light on the rock. The picture really doesn't do the glitterific justice though as the sparkles are the crowning touch. Rather a romantic candle votive if I do say so.

What do you think? Please leave me a comment here on the blog, I do read everyone and appreciate them very much. If you are even thinking about trying out some clay, then please go to: and check it out. I also use this paperclay on gourds and I see a post on that in the future.


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LaLa said...

There are so many options here. Great jumping off point for a group. Everyone can design their own.