Thursday, June 28, 2018

Creative Paperclay Heart

    Creative Paperclay® Covered  Heart with Delight TM Roses 

Hi everyone and welcome to my new tutorial.


Creative Paperclay®

Delight TM  air dry modeling compound

6 inch Paper Mache’ heart  from

Acrylic paints; soft pink, soft yellow, white, light green

Silk baby’s breath

20 inch of ¼ inch wide ribbon

Gesso paint

Paint brushes

Strong glue

Hot glue

Sand paper

Matt spray sealer


Clay rolling pin


Your favorite sculpting tool to attach petals

Step 1:   Roll out the Creative Paperclay with a clay rolling pin to about ¼ inch thick. Paint a thin coat of glue on the heart then cover the heart but not the string with the clay. 
Let dry. 

If you get cracks in the heart after it dries, brush a little water on the crack and add some more clay to fill it in. After the heart is dry sand smooth.

Step 2:  Paint the heart with Gesso to seal the clay then paint the heart with soft pink acrylic paint.
Let dry.

Step 3: Make the flowers with Delight air dry modeling compound. 

To make the roses, take a small piece of clay and press it thin in the shape of rectangle that is about ½ inch wide and 1 inch long.

Roll it up for the center of the rose. 

For the petals, make tear drops and press them flat. Use a little water for glue and put the petal around center of the rose. Smooth the edges to attach with your sculpting tool. 
Continue making petals till you have the size of rose you want. The roses on this heart are about 2 inches wide. 
Let dry.

To make the small flowers, make a tear drop that is about 1 inch long. Cut the fat part in half about halfway down then cut the two sections in half again. You will have for 4 petals. Wet your fingers and press each petal flat then gently turn them so each one is slightly turned.  

Let dry.

Step 4: Take scissors and cut the stems off the flowers so they have a flat bottom. You can sand the bottoms so they sit flat on the heart. Paint all the flowers with Gesso to seal.
 Let dry.

Take a dry paintbrush put a small amount of paint on the brush and wipe most of it off on a paper towel, dry brush the paint on the petals to get a soft color to each flower. Do the same to the roses.

Step 5:  Arrange the flowers on the heart the way you want it. Glue the roses on first, you can use hot glue to attach them.
 Let dry, then add the small flowers and the baby’s breath.

Spray the entire piece with matt sealer.

Step 6:  Cut the ribbon 10 inches long and tie two bows.  Press the center of the bow together and glue. Then glue the two bows together and glue at the top behind the first rose. 


You now have a pretty heart to hang on the wall. 

Thank you for checking out this tutorial. 
I hope you have fun making this.

Creative Paperclay® and Delight™ are available online and at retailers listed below.



LaLa said...

This is such a sweet little ornament! It would make a great gift for any occasion and can be customized with colors of your choosing. I tend to gravitate towards the dark side. I could totally see this in goth with black roses! Well done, Kat!

Kat Anderson Studios said...

That would be beautiful done with dark colors. Thank you!