Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Painting a Creative Paperclay® Art Doll Bust

Painting a Creative Paperclay Art Doll Bust

Today I will demonstrate my painting techniques for a Creative Paperclay® Art Doll Bust.

Here is a list of tools and supplies that you will need:

Creative Paperclay® Art Doll Bust
Black Gesso
Acrylic Paints - I prefer heavy body for full coverage
Carbon Black  

Titanium White

Burnt Umber
Titan Buff

Quinacridone magenta
C.P. Cadmium Yellow Medium

Phthalo Blue
Prism Violet
Fixative/Sealant - Krylon (or Hairspray) Acrylic Gel Medium or Mod Podge (Optional)
Assorted paint brushes.  

At least some fine detail brushes and some flat for dry brushing
palette knife - for mixing paint colors
palette - a ceramic tile or paper plate will work
receptacle for water and a couple of rags for clean up.

This is a hand sculpted Creative Paperclay Art Doll Bust based on a design by my friend Linda Misa.  She came to teach in my Northern California studio all the way from Australia!  That's really far away!  Anyway, it was a wonderful workshop!  If you get the chance to sign up for a class with her, jump on it!  She is super generous with her knowledge and ensures that everyone is successful with their project!

At this point the bust is dried and lightly sanded.
The texture on her bodice was done with a beautiful silicone texture sheet by my friend Victoria James. Click on the link to check out her great designs. She will ship them anywhere within the continental U.S. for FREE!

First I add a coat or two of black gesso.  I used Golden brand.  You'll notice the streakiness.  That was because I started painting her and didn't like it so I covered her up with more black.  I was also really impatient to get back to painting.  You can always sand yours down to smooth things out. 400 - 600 grit sandpaper is good.  I'm going for a more primitive look so I won't do that here. 

Supplies and intro

Flesh Tone Underpainting

Shadows and Lowlights - I use some weird colors

Flesh Tone Highlights

Highlights, eyeliner, eye whites, blush, lips, and brows
Once you get the eyes in she starts coming to life

Final Face paint.  Isn't she a cutie?  I darkened her eyebrows to go better with her dark hair.  
I painted the bodice and hair black.

Eyes, Pupils, Hair, & Bodice

Here are the final photos.  
The bright lights washed out her complexion a bit 
but, you can see the highlights in her hair and dress this way.  

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