Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Quick & Easy Texture with Creative PaperClay

Quick & Easy Texture with Creative PaperClay
by Linda Hess

One of my favorite things to do with Creative PaperClay is to turn it into a "sludge" and use it for texture!  Here is a quick and easy tutorial so that you too may use it for eye-catching details that have people asking "How did you do that?"

Creative PaperClay
container for making "sludge" (I used a metal lid)
stencil or texture sheet
plastic wrap
surface to layer paste on (watercolor paper, canvas, wood, etc.)

Step 1:  Open the package of Creative PaperClay and pull a small amount off.  Place into the container for making "sludge".  Wrap the remainder in plastic wrap taking care to press the air out or you may be sorry!

Step 2: Add water a little at a time and mix into the clay.  
NOTE:  I have a spritz bottle that I purchased at the Dollar Tree (a set of 3!) that makes it very easy.  I use my finger to mix, but if you don't like getting messy use a popsicle stick or the back of a spoon.  Mix the water in like you are kneading a loaf of bread.  Add more water as needed.  Make the "sludge" too watery and it will flow under the texture or stencil.  Keep it too thick and it won't spread smoothly.  Once you are happy with the mix, it will be time to move on to the next step.

Step 3:  Place the texture sheet or stencil in place.

Begin smearing (yes, that is the technical term) the "sludge" over the texture, pressing it into the nooks and crannies.  I find that spreading in one direction and then coming from the other direction makes it easier to fill.  

Step 4:  Check to make sure all desired areas of the texture/stencil are filled.  Then carefully remove the texture/stencil to reveal the raised design below.  
NOTE:  Sometimes there will be a little overflow into areas where you may not want the texture to be.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy fix!  Just use a fingernail to gently remove the extra OR press the overage over.  For the design below I wanted the texture to remain in the one rectangle area of my painting, so I gently pushed the "sludge" over into the rectangle.  In a couple of other areas, I simply removed it by scraping it off the page.

That's it!  Set your project aside to let the Creative PaperClay dry.  I used watercolor paper for my design.  Once the Creative PaperClay dried, I painted the rest of the project.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick & easy tutorial.  

Have fun creating!

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