Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Eye Is On You Valentine, By Diane

Hello Creative friends! 
Diane here with a fun Valentine project . This is a project that is "KID FRIENDLY" ages 4 and up, with a little help and guidance from an adult.
And what could be more fun for a kid to make, then a ONE EYED MONSTER!

Let's get started, shall we?

 SUPPLIES:  Here in the pic are the main supplies. There are a few supplies I don't have pictured and I will list them as well.

1.Cookie Cutters (Sesame Street) I purchased mine on eBay but any monster like cookie cutter will do. You can even use just a plain circle cookie cutter, in the end it will still be a cute "One Eyed Monster".
2. Paper straws- available at Walmart or any craft store.
3. Delight modeling Material. I chose this clay over Creative Paperclay® because it's light, and since it will be in children s little hands, it's less likely to break if dropped. You can purchase Delight Modeling Material here.
4. Googly eyes- I purchased mine at the $ Store.
5. A small heart cookie cutter or stamp - I also purchased my heart stamps at the $ Store.
6. Craft Paint. Purple and Pink.- at any Walmart or craft store.
7. Black Sharpie.- at any Walmart or craft store.

SUPPLIES not pictured: 
1. child scissors
2. glue dots
3. Card-stock scraps
4. Wax paper
5. Rolling pin
6. Hot glue gun for the adult.
7. Wet Rag for wiping your hands.
8. Foil wrapped Chocolate Hearts

Step 1-  Lay a piece of wax paper down as your work surface.With adult help add some paint to the Delight. Let those little hands mix it up. Then shape into a ball and flatten slightly. kids love this step.

Step 2-  Clean the tiny hands off with the wet rag .Lay a piece of wax paper over your colored ball of Delight and begin to roll it out. You will want it to be a minimum of 1/4" thick. Remove wax paper and cut out your Monster shapes.

 Step 3- Using your heart stamp or cookie cutter, lightly make an indentation for cheeks, as shown in pic above.
Now you can let your little Monsters dry thoroughly. Turning them every so often will keep them from curling.

Step 4- This step may require help from an adult if a child is making them.  Monsters are imperfect little creatures and squiggly wiggly mouths and cheeks are always super awesome, especially when a kid creates it.
Create the facial details by dry brushing or painting the outside edge of your Monsters face purple.Then with the same purple paint, create a smile going from one point of the heart to the other point of the heart as in above pic. Then, paint in your hearts with pink paint. Lastly, go back over your mouth you previously created with purple paint, but this time use your sharpie.This just defines the mouth.

 Step 5- Hooray for the "EYEBALL"!  Put a glue dot in the center and press an eyeball on that monster.

 Step 6-  An adult can hot glue the straws to the back of the Monster. Leave about 3/4" of your straw at the top of the Monsters head. This will create his hair . Now, make 3 cuts and slightly bend down. Your Monster now has hair.

Step 7-  For the Bow-tie, I took 2 candy hearts, points together and traced around, leaving about an 1/8" edge, this gave me a bow-tie template. I  traced as many as I needed onto card-stock and cut them out. This is where the kids scissors come in handy and kids love to cut things out.
Lastly,  dry brush the edge of the cut out bow-ties using your purple paint.

 Step 8- Take another piece of your scrap card-stock, preferably a different color and cut out strips 4 and  1/4" long and 3/4" wide. Then with your sharpie you can write your message. My "EYE" is on you Valentine. You can also print these on your computer if desired.

Step 9- Using your glue dots, add your wrapped candy hearts.

Step 10-  An adult can hot glue the tag to the straw, then the candy bow-tie.

YOUR DONE!  Now you have some sweet Valentines for all the Lil' Monsters that bring you joy .

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Susan at said...

Those are just too darn cute! Perfect for valentines day. You are quite the designer!

Karen S Vaughn said...

This is great! I love making things that are cute and silly for my husband for Valentines Day and this fits the bill!

Diane said...

Thank you Susan And Karen!


Anonymous said...

So fabulous - want to do this with my class! Great idea! And great tips on rolling out the clay in wax paper and dying it with paint! Thank you for posting this!!

Charmed Confections said...

Super cute idea, Diane! "Eye" am loving this one! Passing it on to all my friends with kids. What a fun project!

Diane said...

Thank you Caroline and LeeAnn!

The kids have so much fun doing this project :)