Thursday, June 12, 2014

Golden Twitter (or should it be Tweet, Tweet, Tweet)

This technique actually reminds me of an old plaster technique. While cruising the web, I saw people creating beautiful work by carving into plaster and Creative Paperclay® and just had to try it. Since it has wonderful adhesive properties, I find it sticks well to most surfaces plus love how it takes paint. This piece has metal leaf, paint and deconstructed raised stencils.

Creative Paperclay®
Clay carving tools
Acrylic paint
Wood Panel

I started with a wood panel that I applied clear gesso to. It wasn't necessary but since I didn't know if I was going leave the wood showing or not it seemed like a good thing to do. When dry, I sketched out my design.

At this time I added the paperclay to the surface, carving as I added more. When it dried, I finished it with paint, metal leaf and the stencils.

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Barbara Rankin said...

This is fabulous! Love how it turned out. Never would have thought to try to carve into the clay like that. TFS

Meme said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Charmed Confections said...

Just beautiful, Darlene! Love this! LeeAnn