Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wood Peg People and Creative PaperClay® by LuLu Lancaster

Hello there this is LuLu Lancaster and I have a little project Using Creative PaperClay® over wood peg people to make unique characters. 

I am an Art Doll artist so anything that creates a doll is a big interest to me. The per doll on the left I created several years ago using this technique. Today I will show you how :)

You will need wood peg dolls.
Creative PaperClay® 
acrylic paint 
and a small sculpting tool.
Thats it :)

These are small peg people about 1"-1.5" height

start with a small clump of clay and a little water on the wood. 
With some squishing around the clay will stick ;)
next you will use your sculpting tool to make the hair. This is just a series of "drags" through the clay.
Use your clay to create a collar, buttons, you will be creating the illusion of clothes ;)

You can put them on a little base of clay or leave them individual :)

Let dry and then paint ;)

Thank you for following along :) I hope I have inspired you to go out get some Creative PaperClay and create your own little Peg Dolls :)

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