Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lady Of The Lake Creative Paperclay Art Doll Diorama By Gloriann Irizarry

Hello it is Gloriann Irizarry here to show you how I completed this Lady Of The Lake Diorama made with Creative Paperclay®. This is a nice paperclay art doll piece. I sculpted her out of Creative Paperclay®  Material and she will be also featured at EVeRy WiTcH WaY LaNe. for group for a challenge .This group is managed by Patrick Gill and it is full of wonderful mix media and paperclay artists. It is a great wonderful artist oriented group. Everyone there is very helpful so feel free to visit us there for more Creative Paperclay® Material inspiration and Ideas.

Materials used
Metal wires
Aluminum foil
Creative Paperclay®
Plastic water bottle
Genesis Artist Colors Paints
Mineral Oils 
Paint brushes
Red Swarovski flatbacks crystals
Dry pink flowers
Eucalyptus silver dollar leaves
Weft Golden mohair
Fabric-tac Glue
Acrylic bubbles decoration
Acrylic clear flower 
Threaded glass beads
Butterfly decorations
1 square Satin fabric
1 Square Lace fabric 
Cotton tread and needle
X-acto or hobby Knife
Sponge Sanders
Wood plaque

I search online for nice anatomy skeleton reference and printed to the desired finish size.
Cut the wires to the correct size by following the printed reference.

Bend them to the correct shape and start covering them with the aluminum foil.

Add the first layer of clay to the armature and let it dry over night.

Once dry add another layer of clay. Start bending the armature to the desired final pose.

Following the anatomy references add more clay to the armature to create female figure

Make sure you add the enough wire to support Excalibur Sword. 

Once the clay dry start adding more to create the Sword shape.

 And let it completely dry.

Once the clay dry lets shape it an X-acto or hobby knife

Sand the piece a little to take anything extra off and give her a smooth figure. 

If you see that it needs more muscle just add more clay to the figure to correct the problem area.

I created the face also in layers.

I created her face in layers and always waiting for the clay to dry in between. 
Start with a egg shape ball and add the base for the face let to dry.
To create the lips for best results create the upper lip and let it completely
 dry before you work the lower lip in place. 

Sand the details with your favorite sponge sanding.

I work the sword details by using the X-acto or hobby knife and carve the details off or adding more clay and let it to dry completely.

I sanded the blade shape and carve any excess out.

Sand her face smooth to get her ready for paint. I did not make any ears because
 I'm intending for her to wear lose long hair.

Now let ahve fun with some paint. I used for this project the Genesis Heat Set Paints.
I like how nice they are to use and easy to apply in layers to create more details.

Now sometimes after the paint is heat set in the oven cracks can show up. Not to worry all you have to do is use you X-acto or hobby knife to remove the crack and cover it with new clay. 
Once it dry sand it smooth and cover the repair with new paint.

I used my favorite detail product the Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer in Pearls colors. 
I used the Gold for her sandals and Excalibur details and Bronze in the Sword.
While the paint was wet I place some of the Red Swarovski Elements on the sandals and the Sword handle. 

To create the base start by painting the whole piece in the lightest color and add each darker tone in a circle shape to create the ripple effect.

Drill a hole on the corner of the base and I cut the Silver dollars eucalyptus to used them for the side decorations and  lily pads. I use Sakura 3D Crystal lacquer to hold the Eucalyptus leaves in place.

To make the splash is a simple an easy . 
I free cut the water but I wanted to show you so I use a Sharpie to show you the cuts.

Cut the top off. I like to use the Poland Spring water bottles because they are made out of a thinner plastic.
This will help you to be able to cut the shapes off with scissor.  

Cut the drinking cap off too.

Now your ready to start pouring the Thick Sakura Crystal Lacquer. 
Pour slowly and upside down so the drips will look like splashes when it dry. 

Add thick 3D Crystal Lacquer holding it upside down so it drips and give it a cool natural effect once it dry.

Wait for the Crystal Lacquer to be all dry before you place it in the board. Use the regular Sakura 3D Crystal lacquer to secure it to the board.
Add the butterflies the same way.

For the hair I used weft golden mohair. 
It is a lot easier to use and I like the final result because i can brush it and know the hair will not fall off. 

For the dress I did the first layer by cutting a little of the sating and cover her up. Use the needle and adjust the fabric to cover her entirely.

Repeat the same process with the lace fabric.

To give the wet hair look I used some hairspray to hold the curls in place.

For her crown I added the nice Acrylic bubbles to give her a nice watery look and the glass beads for the neck to create a nice choker top with a red Swarovski Crystals.

To give her the lip gloss effect i used the 3D crystal lacquer to make her shine.

I love the effect this crystal Lacquer it looks so natural once the ripples dry.

I had so much fun creating this Diorama it was a great challenge and the final piece looks so good.

Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions
Let now have fun with some photos of the final  Creative Paperclay Sculpt.

Enjoy the pieces have a bless day and happy crafting my friends!

Sincerely Gloriann Irizarry 


DreamedByArlene said...

A lovely finished piece, Gloriann - thank you very much for sharing the process. I have never used 3-D Crystal Laquere before but I will now after seeing this. Very well done! Thanks!

Barbara Rankin said...

One word ... AWESOME!

Meme said...

Great tutorial!
What a lovely piece!

Charmed Confections said...

Fantastic, Gloriann! This piece is amazing and wonderful to see it progress to it's final stage! LeeAnn

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