Friday, June 6, 2014

First Friday Fan Day with Rachel Whetzel

It's time for First Friday Fan Day on the Creative PaperClay® blog! Rachel Whetzel here, and I have been browsing the web today, looking for things that YOU have shared on line using Creative PaperClay®
I hope you hop over to the links I'm sharing with you today, and let your fellow Creative PaperClay® lovers know you saw what they shared too!
On Facebook this month,
Rogene Manas shared THIS flower project! 
David Everett shared HIS CLASS with us! 
There was SO MUCH fun on Pinterest this month!! Check these pins out!! 
Virginia Twedell shared THIS adorable glittered snowman by Linda Silverthorne.
Lerryn Meza pinned THESE cool mini masks.
K Moonshadow shared this adorable KNITTING CHICKEN.
Aimee Villalobos shared her NEST HEAD creation.
A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods shared these WHITE SHEEP.
Gini Cagle shared her paper creations in CARD form.
Karen Griffith pinned her adorable SNOWMAN that will make you wish it were Winter already! 

Use the hashtag #CreativePaperclay on all your social networks. Be sure, when using Facebook, that you make your posts and images using the Creative PaperClay® hashtag are set to public, otherwise, I won't be able to find them. You can also share your projects to the Creative PaperClay® FACEBOOK PAGE. Each month, I'll browse the interwebs looking for projects from YOU, that I can share here! Be featured next month! START SHARING NOW!!

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