Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lynda's Project -

Okay - if you noticed my last blog postI was working on a project that I didn't like how it was turning out!   The post will give you tips to help you get your project to look it's best, and what to do if it's not!  Funny thing after creating the piece - though I didn't do a "perfect" job, I like how it turned out in the long run!   

Supplies needed:  
Creative Paperclay - 2 packages
White, green, blue paint
KI Bakery Twine
KI Metal Charms
US Art Quest rubber stamp
Yellow, blue and green flowers
White buttons for the middle
Something to roll out your clay
Basic tools to work with the clay

Each decision I made - affected the others I wanted to make... such as how high I wanted the box, how big I wanted it, and how I wanted it to ultimately look when it was all done!  Take the time to create the perfect "thing" for you, even if it's planning on paper first!  What started out as not so good - ended up being finished up perfectly for me and my needs!  

Step one:  Find a box you want to use - I used a Priority mail box the clay was shipped in for my box!  Make sure to get each of the dimensions for the sides and bottom.  
Step two:  Start to flatten out each of the pieces you will need for the box -about 1/8" thick or so.  Cut out the size you will need for the bottom piece first, and place it on the bottom of the box.  
Step three:  After you flatten out the side piece, take the rubber stamp sheet you have selected, and start to place it on the clay - flattening with something that rolls, such as a glass or rolling pin. (**Do this softly at first to get a feel for what you want it to look like.)  Add this to the first side of the box so it connects to the edge of the bottom piece. 
Step four:  Repeat above step 3 more times to get each of the sides done.  As you are finished with each piece, add it to the clay bottom until you are done.  
Step five:  Let dry...  After box is completely dry - paint with the white paint (all over), doing two coats at least.   Paint the details green and blue.
Step six:  After paint has dried, start to add the paper flowers and buttons to the box.   Make sure to use hot glue for this step so the flowers and buttons stay on.
Step seven:  Add the Bakers Twine and Charm to the top of the creation - and you are done! 

The hardest part truly is the making of the box itself, though it was worth it for me!  You can see how I just put "things" in it I am working on...so my desk is not so cluttered!  I hope you enjoy this project as much as I have had in making/sharing it!   
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team


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