Friday, June 27, 2014

Kid-friendly Magnet Project

Today I have an easy-peasy project for kids of all ages. Magnets made from Delight™ air dry modeling compound. I like using Delight™ for this project because it is so light weight when dry that the strength of the magnet focuses on holding up the paper you're displaying (probably a child's artwork!!), and not keeping the magnet face in place.

Here are the supplies that Chloe, my grand daughter, and I used to create our magnets.

First, we used that cute pink and white rolling pin to roll a piece of Delight™ to a thickness of about 1/8 inch. Next, we used the canape cutters—3/4 inch and 1 1/4 inch diameter— to cut out our circles. First part of the project done!!

After the magnet faces were dry we stamped a small design on each one using StazOn Timber Brown ink. So far, Chloe's done all the work, but I did the resin coating on the top of each magnet face. This step is optional. I thought it added a professional finish to our magnets—plus I like working with resins.

Last, was gluing the magnets to the backs of each piece with liquid glue. Here is a sampling of our finished project.

Variations on this project include coloring the Delight™ with food coloring prior to rolling and cutting. Just knead a couple drops of coloring into the Delight™. You could also use stamp pad inks or acrylic paints.

For an older child (Chloe is four) you might want to use larger cookie cutters and let the child paint the magnet faces. Or, instead of cookie cutters, freehand cut the Delight™ with a clay tool or blunt knife. 

Note: When I showed Chloe the blog post featuring our last project, she was excited to see "her" creation online. She asked why my picture was at the bottom of the post. I explained that it was because I did the project for the Creative Paperclay design team. She thought for a moment, and then said, "I did the project, too. Where's my picture?" So, I've included a photo of my co-designer on this post. :)



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