Friday, July 25, 2014

Kid's Project: Clay Puppets

Hi!! Chloe and Carole here with a fun Creative Paperclay® project for you.

Chloe loves imaginary play, and often sets up whole scenarios with dolls and toys. So, we decided to make clay people for her to use.

We started by forming a 1" ball of Creative Paperclay®.

Next, Chloe flattened the ball until it was about 1/4" thick. I inserted a plastic coffee stir. I found that this is easier to do if you leave the flattened ball on the work surface, and gently guide the stir into the clay.

We set these aside to dry, and made facial features for our little clay people. One nose is a tiny ball, the other a tiny flattened ball. The tongue was part of a popsicle made using a canape cutter. (I added the crease with my fingernail.) The mouth on the yellow doll was made by gently pushing the handle of a small paint brush into the clay at a slight angle. The hair was made using a clay extruder. 

As the clay faces were drying, I turned them over every few hours so they could dry evenly on both sides. When all the parts were dry, Chloe painted each of the parts. Then, we glued everything together and added googly eyes. 

Here are our finished clay puppets.



Table Cell Table Cell

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