Thursday, July 17, 2014

Creative PaperClay ® Tip for July with LuLu Lancaster

Hello :) This is LuLu Lancaster and today I have my monthly Tip.
 I thought about this months blog post while I was sculpting, and was pondering what could I tell you that would be of use. I think I have covered painting and sanding and just plain sculpting for the fun of it...but I had not shared the tools I use.

While there are a multitude of tools out there, I find that while using Creative PaperClay® I use some that are sort of non conventional,
and the one I use the most is attached, my hand!
My scarred up, dry skin, non manicured hands!

My fingers fit the eye sockets of my art dolls in just the perfect way. My thumb is the right size for smoothing the jawline. My middle finger can work wonders on the brow. Nothing can squish the clay or add water to it quite like my hands either. 

While my hands are my most used tool. I do have some odd tools as well, that nothing else seems to do the trick like.

I have an xacto knife for cutting clay
aluminum foil for adding crinkle texture or just armature
crochet hooks for effects and getting into crevices
dental tools for tiny details
wire ear and nose detail sculpting
brass tubing under lip detail
and many others!
actual clay tools too! 

But my hands are by far my most used tool

Basically you do not have to go out and buy up all the fancy clay tools out there.
 You have one of the most versatile already with you (your hands) 
and then I am sure you have many more odd useful tools laying about the house <3

Thank you for reading along and Have a great day sculpting :D

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