Friday, July 11, 2014

Tips By Memes Art Place

Hi! It's me, Donna from Memes Art Place.

How is your SUMMER going? 
Mine is busy and it seems like it is going fast! Where did June go? 4th of July is gone......!

Hope you are enjoying yours!

Today I have a few tips you may or may not know. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Creative Paperclay can be colored by adding ink or paint right into the Creative Paperclay
  2. Did you know that Creative Paperclay can adhere to most surfaces with just a drop or two of glue, even glass!
  3. Did you know if you use a open circle, you can cut out your own custom buttons. Just add holes to them so that you can sew them on to something. 
  4. Make sure while using Creative Paperclay you always have plenty of water to use and smooth out areas that are rough or cracked. Using water helps prevent the Creative Paperclay from drying out while working with it. (This is one I did not know when first working with Creative Paperclay.)
  5. Fingernail files are not just for fingernails! Nope you can use your emery board files for sanding some of those hard to reach areas.
  6. See that bunny up there? He needs some work. When I go to add Creative Paperclay to him I will make sure that I wet the area very well, then start to adhere the soft Creative Paperclay to the dry Creative Paperclay. He needs more cheeks and his tail is squished.
I hope some of these tips help you. If you have any you would like to share, I would love to hear them!

Thank you for stopping by the Creative Paperclay blog, we love when you visit!

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mamablitger said...

Thank you for the great tips ! I did'nt know you can add new layers of Paperclay to areas already dry. Wauwhhh. Thats good to know !!
Thank you for sharing. Paperclay is such a fabulous product !!
Hugs from SPAIN