Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rubber Stamping Fun with Creative Paperclay and Gloriann Irizarry

Wow I can not believe July its almost over my dear friends and summer is at its peak.
My favorite think to do during the summer is going to the beach . I got inspired by a nice Stamp set I got from US Art Quest Inc.

Now my tip will be how to stamp a straight sheet of Creative Paperclay for you to glue on mix media projects.

Make sure when you roll the clay is not too wet.
If too wet the clay will stick to the stamp.

Place the your favorite stamp pattern on top of the soft semi dry clay and use your roller to stamp the details in the clay.

Carefully remove the stamp off. If you notice the clay sticking to the stamp it means it is too wet let it air dry a little and try again.

Once you achieve the desired shape and details let it completely dry .
Do not worry if it misshaped when it dry. 
The clay sheet will curve a little when it dry, but here is my tip to make if totally flat once more.

Find the biggest and fastest book. Yeap mine was a photoshop 6 book I haven't being able to read. 
Grab your already dry probably curved or miss shaped dry clay sheet and using a bottle mist spray lightly with water on the none stamped side of the clay and placed the FAT very fat book on top.
My book has a nice non stick cover and it helped to let the piece dry in the flat surface.

see now your clay sheet is totally flat and ready to be used on any mix media, card-making or scrap booking projects. All your need is a little glue and let your imagination fly. 

I hope you had a wonderful time and feel free to ask any question or comments bellow or email me at @bygloricom

Have a bless day and remember to always have fun while crafting!
Sincerely ,

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Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Nice tutorial on how to make a rubber stamp! I have a friend who is into mixed media! Fun and interesting!