Friday, July 4, 2014

First Friday Fan Day July 2014 with Rachel Whetzel

Hello, once again, Blogiverse!  Rachel Whetzel here! Can you believe it's already JULY!? I don't think it's just me... this year seems to be flying by at a break neck speed. This month, I have been browsing the web, looking for creations from YOU using Creative PaperClay®!
I hope you hop over to the links I'm sharing with you today, and let your fellow Creative PaperClay® lovers know you saw what they shared too!

On Facebook this month,
Darlene McElroy shared THIS amazing piece she recently made, along with THIS ONE!

Check these pins out!!
Ellen Harris' Dolls were pinned HERE, by Tere Wood 
Lisa Beem pinned THIS bracelet cuff on Great Craft Ideas
CraftersExChange pinned a SCARY TREE tutorial from

Diana Welte tweeted her DOLL IN PROGRESS

Design Team Member, Susan Owenby saw THIS amazing HARRY POTTER piece shared on the world wide web by Jen of Cake Wrecks on Epbot.

Use the hashtag #CreativePaperclay on all your social networks. Be sure, when using Facebook, that you make your posts and images using the Creative PaperClay® hashtag are set to public, otherwise, I won't be able to find them. You can also share your projects to the Creative PaperClay® FACEBOOK PAGE. Each month, I'll browse the interwebs looking for projects from YOU, that I can share here! Be featured next month! START SHARING NOW!!

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