Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lynda's July Tips

One thing about being a part of this group of women - you learn a lot!  Each of us have our own style - or our own particular "expertise" you might say!  There are many different types of projects on this blog, with many different women sharing their Creative Paperclay projects before this team of women.  My area of "expertise" is more scrapbooking and card making - only recently making larger projects as I am more comfortable in creating, thanks to our fearless leader Terri!  So this month, you not only will get a few tips - but you also get a challenge as well!!!   

Now - your challenge this month - is to find projects from this blog that you want to recreate...and to look back at all the tips that everyone has put down here and start to keep track of the ideas and tips you like! If you have a Pinterest account - here is my link, and here is the Creative Paperclay link while you are at it, just type "Creative Paperclay" in the search bar and you will get a lot of projects you can do!  Find your favorites and get started!

A few tips for you:    
1.  Let water be your best friend when you are creating!  Don't be afraid of the clay and in using water to take care of the slight imperfections you might get when you are working with the clay!  
2.  Look at containers you would normally throw away - as a "base" for things you can make!  I turned a cleaned out creamer container into a snowman this past Christmas, so look at what you have - and have some fun!  
3.  Your scrapbook templates can make great one of a kind projects - such as magnets, embellishments for your pages and cards, or to add to larger projects!  Check out what you have at home already before you go out and spend a ton of money!  


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