Friday, February 3, 2012

You Are Just a Girl. Say Nothing.

Hello, Creative Paperclay® fans! This is Jingle and today I am bringing you a slightly darker art piece than normal, however, it is what I was inspired to create, so I followed that muse and created exactly what it was leading me to create. I began with one of the wonderful Frozen Charlotte Mold from Articus Studio to create the focal point of my piece.

To begin, distress an oversized playing card with sand paper and ink. Layer papers to create the base for your piece.

Layer and Ink Papers and Playing Card to create background.

Mold your Charlotte doll and allow to dry for 2-3 days. Press the mouth area gently to flatten and essentially eliminate the mouth prior to drying. Paint with Luminarte Twinkling H2O's. This gives her a shimmer that suits her femininity.

You Are Just a Girl - Mold Charlotte Doll & Paint

Assemble the piece and add text.

You Are Just  A Girl (detail 1)

You Are Just A Girl (detail 2)

You see, in much of the world women are still seen as a lesser being. They are told to keep quiet. To speak only when spoken to. To hold only the opinions of their fathers and husbands. Even here in countries where this is not obvious like the US, UK, and the like... we often find that many women are STILL, to this day, in these free and modern countries, put down and thought less of simply for being female. This piece speaks out against such treatment. It calls attention to the problem and forces us to face it. Woman are strong. Woman are capable. Woman are equal.

You Are Just  A Girl


Sherri said...

i really like this... although dark, it evokes an awareness... hopefully it will do the same for others...

love the distressed playing card

Barbara Moore said...

Great job Jen! Women should realize that they have a place in this world and that they are not second class citizens.

Kelly Sas said...

Quite a creative statement piece.

Lyneen said...

I just love this.... then if there is a frozen Charlotte ya gotta love it!