Friday, December 28, 2012

Dawnmercedes' December Tip!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!  Here is a really important tip for adhering two pieces of Creative Paperclay ® together.  It applies to all sort so of clay...and I found it quite useful when using Creative Paperclay ®.  

So's vocabulary words:  SLIP and SCORE.  

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Slip is basically watered down clay.  Add a bit of water to your Creative Paperclay ®. I use a frisbee b/c it has sides to keep my mess away from my project.  You will want enough water to make the consistency "gummy" but not "runny."  

Next step:  SCORE.
With a pointed stick or palate knife, create thin hash marks on both pieces of clay that you want to adhere together.  If you have a very thin piece, just roughing up the surface will be good.
Next add a bit of your SLIP. This acts like glue.

After I "glue" my components onto my bowl, I started the drying process by putting it into a zip log bag.  This creates an atmosphere so that both pieces of the Creative Paperclay will have the same dryness...and thus adhere well.  After a day or so (depending on the size of your projects.), take out your piece and let it dry out in the open air.

You will find that using SLIP and SCORING both pieces will give you a strong bond for your larger projects.

Thanks for stopping by today...
I hope you continue to have a safe holiday season!

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