Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unique Christmas Cookie Tin

One of my favorite things to give as a gift at Christmas time is home made cookies.  I have used and decorated coffee cans for this purpose many times, but never quite like this. DSCN1137   First I removed the label and cleaned out the coffee can.  Then I rolled strips out of Creative Paperclay that were approximately the same height as the coffee can, 2 inches wide, and 1/8 of an inch thick.  I applied them all around the can. DSCN1139   Next I smoothed out the seams using water and also accentuated the grooves of the can and let it dry. DSCN1143 While my can was drying  I sprayed some white tissue paper with homemade alcohol inks.  This was inspired by a technique that Terri Sproul used during one of her Saturday Craft Fair shows which can be found here. DSCN1142   Once the Creative Paperclay was dry I sanded it to smooth out any really bumpy spots. DSCN1144   Then using Mod Podge I covered the can with my tissue paper. DSCN1149   Finally I added a layer of Terri Sproul Mixers in Gold and glossy varnish.

  DSCN1157   Here is the finished product without the cover.  It is fun and funky and can be used over and over again after the holiday season has long gone.

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