Friday, December 14, 2012

Kitchen Jewelry Bowl

Hey there crafters!  This is a snap shot of a corner of my pear colored kitchen. 
I just love these curtains from IKEA. What I don't doing the dishes.  ("I always get the hardest days" was my childhood lament!)  

I decided to make a cute bowl to toss my rings and bracelets in before I start the dishes.
Creative Paperclay makes coordinating home decor as easy as apple pie!

Supplies Needed:
Creative Paperclay ®
rolling pin
styrofoam bowl
acrylic paint
ziplock bag
Krylon Crystal Clear gloss spray

First, start off with a styrofoam bowls to use as an armature.

Roll out your dough a big larger than you think you need.
Then place it into the bowl, gently.

Cutt off the excess...and smooth the edges!

Roll out more Creative Paperclay ® and shape as desired.
Attach...(check back in a couple of weeks for my tips on how to attache these clay leaves!)

I start my drying process in a plastic bag..
Once your piece is dried, you can decorate, paint, and embellish as you like!
When it is all dried, I sprayed a couple of coats of Gloss Spray to seal my bowl.

Yeppers...I'm not going to lose any more rings and things with this pretty bowl!
My kitchen got a little sprucing up...and I guess it really is time for me to do some dishes! was spaghetti tonight!  

Thanks for coming to see my project this month!
Have a great Christmas!

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