Friday, February 22, 2013

Shamrock Pin

Today, I thought I'd play aorund with Delight ™.
This air dry, modeling compound can easily be colored.
(I'll post a tutorial March be sure to stop back here!)

I love celebrating..anything. But it must be a family thing.
When my younger sisters were growing up, they loved to wear pins and buttons
that proclaimed "Kiss me, I'm Irish!"
So, when my father tracked down our Irish history, you can imagine my sisters were 
extra joyful that St. Patty's Day!

Here's a pin to wear if your are Irish...or if you just like to celebrate!


You may want to make this into a locker magnet as my daughter did.
I love sharing crafting with my kids!
(And yes, I think she showed me up on the decorating!!)

Delight ™...dyed green
Rolling Pin
Scalloped heart cutters
Dew Drop embellishments from The Robin's Nest
Pin backing
Glue Gun

1. Roll out Delight ™.
2.  Cut out 3 hearts.

3. Gently press them together to form a shamrock.
4.  Let dry.
5.  Decorate the front as you wish.
6.  Add a pin back or magnet.

My DD just announced that she wants to make more things with Delight ™.
Go buy some Delight ™ and spend one on one time with your child.
The time is priceless.

Thanks for stopping by again!