Friday, February 15, 2013

February Tip from Rachel Whetzel

My tip this month has to do with water. Use water with your clay to accomplish a few things. When adding layers, it is helpful to use water on your dried surface, and to wet your clay a bit. Doing so imitates the same principle that earthen clay 'slip' does. When the surface you are adding your clay to is more dry and porous than the clay you are adding, it can actually repel your clay. Adding water to dry paperclay or dry wood makes the surface more receptive to the clay. When you're stamping, or making repairs, you may find that your stamps "pull" the clay off of the surface you're stamping, or that they stick to your stamps and molds. If this happens, make sure the UNDERSIDE of your clay and the surface it is on is more wet than the surface you're stamping. Then, allow the surface you are stamping to DRY a little before you stamp! A slightly dry clay surface makes it easier for the mold or stamp to release. The quick and simple formula? Water=Sticky Dry=Easy release. There you go!

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