Saturday, May 25, 2013

Diana's May Tip

Hi there, I'm Diana Gonzalez, and here's my tip for using Creative Paperclay!
First, my project:

This is a set of rubber stamped pendants that I made.
When working with rubber stamps, paint and clay, at times you'll find that the finish is a bit dull. I did give my clay a nice coating of acrylic paint, but  I wanted to achieve a sort of "faux ceramic" look, which can be achieved by using spray acrylic coating. Be generous. Spray a generous amount, let it dry, then spray it again.
If you're worried about fumes, do this on your porch outside, or if you are an urban dweller such as I, then just open the bathroom window, and do it in there.
After the sealer is dry, you can rub some ink on it. I used a bit of Pigment ink by Clearsnap. Use whatever shade you want. And voila! You've got yourself a cool "faux ceramic" stamped pendant!