Friday, May 10, 2013

Organic balloons

I thought I'd make an organic art piece, with repetitive shapes,
using Creative Paperclay © as my medium.

Creative Paperclay ©
mat, rolling pin
plastic wrap

Finishing supplies:
Matte and Gloss Mod Podge
acrylic paint 
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive

1.  First, roll out your Creative Paperclay © into a thin slab.

2.  Wrap your balloon as pictured.
If you want a larger piece, try using larger balloons.

3.  Wrap with plastic wrap and smooth and shape your paperclay to the balloons.  

4.  Unwrap...set out.
Patiently wait for it to dry.
**Note, my every trusty frisbee!!**

5.  When the paperclay is dry, cut the balloons with a pair of scissors.'s up to you to arrange and decorate them!

I wanted mine to have a contrast of rough and smooth.
This inside of each form was painted with gold acrylic paint...two coats.
The outside was painted in blues and creams.

After the paint had dried, I coated the inside with Gloss Mod Podge...two coats.
Then the outside was coated in Matt Mod Podge...again two coats!

I then stacked my forms in a tripod shape with the 4th, and smallest, on top.
I found that Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive worked best in securing my sculpture.

I found a large glass platter...lined it with Spanish Moss.
I am planning on burning tea lights in side...or getting the battery operated tea lights!

Thanks so much for coming and commenting on my Organic Art piece.
I thought that it would look sea-like. But with the grasses, it's more egg like.
What do you think?

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up!


Jess B. said...

Dawn this came out fantastic! Perfect gift! Wink wink! lol TFS

Rachel Whetzel said...

These are too cool!!

Barbara Rankin said...

These are so cool, Dawn. They remind me of those lotus pods you see in the dried flower section of the craft stores. I think the battery tea lights would look fabulous inside these. What a cool idea. TFS

juscrap said...

i love it!!!!!xx