Friday, August 30, 2013

Blue Bird

I have a very small collection of blue birds.
Since it is so rare that a new one is added, I thought I would use some Creative Paperclay ® 
to create my own addition.

Creative Paperclay ®
paper towel
mod podge
sponge brush
paint brush
acrylic paint
additional decorations

1.  First, I balled up some paper towels for the body of my bird.
Then I formed Creative Paperclay ® around it into the shape of a bird.
2.  Let dry. Remember this takes some time. I tend to cover it loosely with plastic for a day or so.
Then I take it off so it can dry completely. This helps cut back on cracking and breaks.

3.  Then, sand your piece.

4. Next I seal it with Gesso. I like having a seal before I decorate my pieces.

5.  Using acrylic paints, I mixed a pretty blue color up.  When you are mixing your own color, make more than enough to cover your piece in case you need touch ups and second coats.

6.  Use Mod Podge to seal your design.  Again, feel free to apply a couple of coats.

 7.  Don't stop there.  Why not add accent baubles or frilly designs in paint pen?
I was thinking about doing that.  But I loved the simple shape...and so I stopped. 

This is my new favorite part of my Blue Bird Collection.
Though, I now want to make a few more and over embellish them!
What can you make out of Creative Paperclay ® to add to your collectables?

Thanks for visiting us today. 

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up


Rachel Whetzel said...

I think this would be a GREAT Halloween idea with BLACK instead of blue!! I might have to make me some crows. :) LOVE this, Dawn! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Rankin said...

Well, you know I love birds, and this one is really cute. I do like the idea of adding some bling, or even some flourish designs, etc. TFS

Cara said...

Cute idea Dawn. Could make a Cardinal, paint Red, add some designs and give as a gift for someones Christmas tree! TFS

Sukie said...

Super cool looking bird, gorgeous color too! Thanks for sharing! BIF