Thursday, December 19, 2013

Easy miniature armature Tip

Hello This is LuLu Lancaster and I have a simple little tip for creating miniature pieces with Creative PaperClay ®

I create many tiny elements and sometimes find that putting them together totem pole style can be helpful in keeping them put.

I use straight pins.

I start with a small subject sculpted from Creative PaperClay ® with a straight pin sticking out. This one I have made a tiny skull. Sometimes I build up the pin and sometimes the other direction. 

If I intend to use this in another sculpture sometimes I will leave the pin sticking out the bottom.

                     Building these skulls upwards the pin creates stability and keeps them all together.
here I have used the pin technique for a small cat 

and here I have added a bone to the top of the pin totem.

This totem I have kept a length of the straight pin coming out the bottom. It can be easily insert it into a sculpture.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my December Tip ;)
LuLu Lancaster


Susan Owenby said...

Nice! Much better than wire. :)

Charmed Confections said...

Excellent, LuLu! Great tip!