Friday, December 13, 2013

Tip: Look Beyond the Usual

Hey, there!! Carole here with a tip for you. Consider all possible sources when looking for your clay crafting supplies. Look beyond the clay aisle at your favorite big box craft store. Venture into the cake and candy making aisles!!Look beyond the art supply stores—what about the toy store, the hardware store?? And my personal favorite—local thrift and resale shops.

I found this gem of a princess castle at the thrift shop. It has molds everywhere—each side has a princess gown and there are accessory pieces bordering the bottom.

This couldn't be any easier!! Remember: it was originally made for a kid!! Here you can see I've loaded this gown mold with clay.

The  clay released from the mold beautifully. I'll have a bit of sanding and final touch-up, but very little. Here is the molded princess gown laid out to dry. 
Princess Gown
I'm intrigued by the bitty accessory pieces. They each could hid behind a dime.

Princess Fan


So--tell me where do you look for your alternative art supplies? What do you find?

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1 comment:

Diane said...

I hit the thrift store at least once a week and this has never crossed my mind. You are very creative!
You will find me in the toy section for now on ;)
Great Tip!
Thanks for sharing :)