Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Tip, Sanding with Sandits™ by LuLu Lancaster

Hello and welcome!
 this is LuLu Lancaster with a tip on sanding
 your Creative Paperclay® sculptures using Sandits™

These swab like sanders are perfect for getting into small spots where a piece of sand paper even a little torn piece just doesn't do the trick.

 Sandits™ have two sides a 120 and 180 grit. 
I have used the courser side to get "spots and raised areas" off my sculptures. 
And then follow with the finer grit in a circular motion, almost twirling the SandIts ™to define areas around eyes, nose and lips.

Nostrils have always been an area on clay sculptures that tend to flatten when sanded. Using the very end tip of the Sandits™you can twirl the rough edges of the nostril without flattening it.

Hands are another area that can be hard to sand. Using the Sandits™ you can get the edges of the fingers, and by again twirling the sander you can create a pocket of the palm

here I have started to sand the top of the hand showing better definition.

And here is a palm.

The sanders can get gunked up quickly. A few swishes in water and a good brushing with an old stiff paintbrush will clean them right up. 

  And these sanders can be used wet also :D

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Tips on

 Sandits™ sanders 

and be sure to check out their website while you are at it and grab some for yourself :)

LuLu Lancaster


Karen S Vaughn said...

Your sculpting is fantastic!

Rhissanna said...

Oh my gosh, LuLu! You're right! Perfect for palms! I have to have these. (love the face sculpt, too!)