Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mini Spooky Spring Maypole Project with Delight ™ Air dry modeling Material

Hello There! This is LuLu Lancaster with a little spooky Spring Mini Maypole :)

I have many of these Vintage Industrial Bobbins. I have them in baskets and have used them for projects but am always looking for another way to use them creatively. You could use any type of hollow length of material for this project, perhaps Bamboo? If a Bobbin is not readily available.

This is very easy to make

First Gather your materials

A Vintage Bobbin or any hollow length of material like a bamboo stick
Ribbons~Approx. 20" lengths
Delight™ air dry Modeling Material
a 3" styrofoam ball
an xacto knife
needle and thread
acrylic paint
silk or paper millinery flowers
clay shaper tool or chopsticks
Tacky Glue

The fist thing you will need to do is make sure your vintage bobbin has a clear opening all the way through ;) 
Next you will sew approx. 8 ~20" lengths of ribbon at the end just a couple stitches will do.

Now that you have stitched the ribbons at one end,
 you will drop the needle into the larger end of the Bobbin.
When the needle comes out the smaller end you will pull tightly (but not too tight you may snap the thread) add a dab of tacky glue to the small end to hold the thread in place.

Taking your Styrofoam ball and your xacto knife carefully cut the ball in half.
You will only be using 1 half so save the other for another project or maypole :)

Insert the small end of the bobbin into the styrofoam. with some water and your clay start covering the foam. This will be your base of your maypole.

Making the tiny skulls
Now you will shape small skulls.
With small thumb size pieces of clay make a rough ball and pinch the bottom half.

using a clay shaper tool or even chopsticks poke eyes in the clay nostrils and teeth if you like.

It takes approx. 24 small skulls to cover the base.
using the tacky glue start applying the skulls to the base.You do not need to wait for the Delight™ material to dry ;)

Once you have the base covered take a little Black watered down acrylic paint and 

paint the eyes nostrils and teeth on your skulls :)
You can add small silk or paper flowers in the spaces if you like also.

Thank you again for reading along and may you have a Fun Spooky Spring!

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Diane said...

this is so fun and clever! I love it :)