Friday, May 9, 2014

Carole's Top Five Tips for Using Creative Paperclay®

Creating with Creative Paperclay® modeling material and Delight™ air dry modeling compound is fun and easy!! Here is a quick list of my top five tips for using these great products.

  1. Have slip handy and use it. Here a great blog post all about slip.
  2. Allow plenty of time for your projects to dry thoroughly—usually overnight, but it could be longer, depending on the thickness of your clay.
  3. You can speed up the drying time by heating your clay pieces in a 250° oven.
  4. Cornstarch is great for preventing the clay from sticking to work surfaces and molds.
  5. USE IT!! Play with it. Try something untried. You can't break the clay (while you're working with it, anyway ☺). If it's not what your want, just gather it into a ball and begin again.
You can see projects on my Create & Craft blog.

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