Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tip to create thin pieces of Creative PaperClay® by LuLu Lancaster

Hello there! this is LuLu Lancaster and I have a tiny Tip to share with you. Something I recently discovered as I needed a piece of thin clay to use as a sheet of paper.

I use a pasta machine to condition my polymer clay. I tried to use it with my Creative PaperClay® and ended up in a sticky mess, not only the clay was a mess but so was my pasta machine.
I decided to use wax paper and the clay mostly stuck to the wax. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my parchment paper. Success! 

Between 2 sheets of parchment paper I placed some clay. I then squished it flat with my hands, you could use a roller ;) to the point it would fit in the largest setting on my machine. I found I had to take the clay out of the paper on the 4-5th pass and use a new piece of parchment as the paper started to get damp and the clay would stick. After passing though each setting and 2 changes of paper I had a thin sheet of clay. Perfect. And my pasta machine was still clean ;)

Sheet of thin clay

Cut to resemble a tiny piece of paper

curled edge ;)

All painted and looking good :)

Thank you so much I hope you found this tip helpful.

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kathleen codyrachel said...

Love this and thank you so much for saving us the trials and tribulations! Really appreciate that! Plus it's a great idea