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Mischievous Woodland Pixie Tutorial By Gloriann Irizarry

Hola my dear followers, collectors and  friends Gloriann Irizarry here bringing you a new tutorial.
Now this time I do have to apologized for the delay. We got to love the

Well today i wanted to introduce you to Pixie the little mischievous woodland fairy.

She was specially made for a friend.
We had a challenge called Dark Fairies and this is how this Pixie was born.

I find challenges to be very helpful.  They are so much fun and we get to spend so much fun with fellow artist. We help each other share experiences and teach new techniques.

If you up for a challenge I will recommend for you to look for a participating groups.
One of my favorite group is at Facebook EVeRy WiTcH WaY LaNe 
The group leader is my friend and artist  Patrick Gill

Let me show you how this little Mischievous Woodland Pixie took shape


1 bag of 16 oz of  Creative Paperclay® modeling material
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue 8oz
Mini Gourds
Acrylic paints (Purple, Green, Yellow and White)
3 Purple swarovski crystals
Thin Ribbon
Roll of tulle
 Steel wires
Mini wood plaque
Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer Matte Finish 6oz


I grabbed 2 mini gourds and glued them together with the Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Drill some hole to the gourds place wires to create the hands and feet.
Cover the wires with some Creative Paperclay® modeling material  to start shaping the little fairy. 

Let it dry and make sure is attached to the gourds. If they peel off use the Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue to reinforce the clay armature for the piece.

Little by little add more clay to the little wires to create the shape of the legs and arm.

 Add more clay to the face and begin creating the mischievous smile.

Layer by layers add more clay to the back and wait to dry

 Once the clay on the face dry add more to the cheeks to give some personality to the pixie.

Layer by layer the fairy start taking shape and growing stronger and stronger

Add some clay to the wires on the head to create some crafty ears.

I added more clay to the back to give her a more fuller look.

To give her ans expression i added more clay on her cheeks and lightly sculpted her eyes.

Check on the piece to see if you wan to add more clay or your already happy with her lines.
If happy let her dry completely overnight.

 The first base layer I used is a water down purple and cover the whole piece.

I wanted to give the Pixie some natural feel to the skin so I used the tooth brush technique.
It is easy. Just choose your favorite color of acrylic paint and watered down.
Place the tooth brush on the paint and brush your thumb to sprinkle the paint in to the figure.
I did this to her in two layers. Once Yellow and another one green.

Once it dry you can add the eyes, lips and ears details.
Seal with Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer Matte Finish
After seal dry go ahead and glue the 3 Swarovski Crystals to the forehead with the 3D Sakura Crystal Lacquer

For the Tutu is pretty easy Cut a 8 inches piece of black thin ribbon.
Now cut a lot of little strips from the roll of tulle and start attaching them to the 8 inches strip of ribbon by knotting them to the thin black ribbon.
Little by little it will get fuller and fuller until your achieve the skirt look.

Let make some Fairy Wings now

Wings Materials
Acetate or paper print wings
Super Strong magnets

Making these wings are easy.

Print this graphic in acetate or card stock

Mix your favorite colors of the Terri's Sprouls Mixers with 3D Sakura Crystal Lacquer

Use the mix to decorate and accent your wings with your favorite 3D Sakura Crystal Lacquer

Wait for them to completely dry.

Cut the wings out.

Use some tulle and ribbons to create a center piece and glue it.

Place a magnet on the wings with Glue with the 3D Sakura Crystal Lacquer and wait for them to dry.
After they dry they are ready to be wear.





Now have in mind the Creative Papeclay possibilities are endless, so feel free to let you imagination fly and remember to always have fun in the process . 
I hope you enjoy this full tutorial fell free to place any comments or email me with any question :)

Have a bless day and remember to always have fun while crafting!

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