Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cat Paw Print Wall Hanging

Last month I showed you a recycled box, with my cat's paw prints (each of them) - on the front of the box!  It is on my ledge in front of my sink in my kitchen, to hold all of their cat treats and things in, instead of all over my counter and house!  This sparked another fun idea - a wall hanging - with the same paw prints, only adding photos to this one!!  Great idea you can recreate for a fun gift, using a favorite pets picture and paw prints!   

As you can tell, our cats mean the world to us!  Our mamma cat Tygress, will be 15 on 9/5 - the boys will be 10 on the same day!  I wanted a way to keep their paw prints - without having to ink them to keep them!!!  This was the BEST thing I could do - and easy enough for me to do with the cats!  Ty won't be alive forever, I didn't want to loose her without having something of just hers!   

Supplies for this project:
Delight product for the ornaments
Brown cardstock
Cricut cartridge - Ashlyn's Alphabet
White ribbon
11 x 14 photo matt with space for 6 photos
Frame (optional)

Step one:  Using the Delight product - roll out enough product to let your cat (or dog) walk on it, giving you the paw prints you need.  *Make a few extra - for use later on)  
Step two:  Using a circle of some sort - cut out the paw prints individually, as well as add a hole at the top for the ribbon to feed through.   Repeat step one and two for enough cats (or dogs) you have, labeling which pet it is on the back with a permanent marker after it has dried.  
Step three:  While the Delight product is drying - cut out the alphabet letters you need for your photos and projects, add them to your photo matt.  
Step four:  Cut 3 3.5 x 3.5" squares for 3 of the squares, set aside.  Cut 3 photos to the same size to place in the squares.  
Step five:  Take 1 of the photos, add it to the top using tape to keep it in place.  Put another photo at the bottom in the middle, and another at the top right - again, using tape to secure it.  Add the brown squares in the other squares, taping ONLY to the bottom. 
Step six:  Using a hole punch of some sort (I used a Silent Setter with the middle hole punch for my creation, it worked best), add a hole to the top middle square, bottom left and far right squares at 1.5" - all at the top of the squares. Feed through the ribbon before you tape the squares off.
Step seven:  After the Delight ornaments have dried, feed the ribbon through, tying a knot at the top.  Also add a small bow to the top where the hole is to conceal it!   

**Tip - if you do not have specific supplies, such as the die cut machine, feel free to substitute...stickers can also be used!    
This project was so much fun to make, and with my cat being as old as she is - a great way to add something of "hers" to something I will keep forever!   Thanks for letting me share this project with you today!  I hope you will make one of your own, and share it with me! 
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team


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