Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lynda's Monthly Tips

Hello there!  I have loved bringing you beginner projects for you to start out with, especially scrapbook embellishments for you to use with your paper craft projects!  After checking out my own personal calendar for the next few months - I have decided I best get things done early!  In order to get things done, here are a few tips to help you:  

  • Mold things that you like to use on your projects ahead of time!  That way, it saves you time from having to let the piece dry!  
  • Have a container to put all of your supplies in!  That way, you can pull out one thing, and have everything in it you will need!  
  • Also have a container you can take with you if you are going to be waiting for an appointment!  The Delight product won't make your hands TOO yucky, but keep a small container of baby wipes/hand wipes with you!  
  • Learn to look at your calendar for the upcoming months, (once a month challenge on my blog, link below).  That way, you can get things done earlier - and work the bugs out if you have any!
  • Check out some of the fun ideas on Pinterest or this blog!  Tweak them for what YOU want to make!   
I never realized all the fun things I could do with Creative Paperclay and Delight products!  I am so glad to be on this amazing team of people!  So, join me each month at Memories in Tyme, where you will get that challenge once a month to look at your calendar I talked about!  The best thing about that - you don't have to scrapbook to join THAT challenge!  See you in a few weeks with a few fun ideas, and at my other blog!!
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team

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