Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fun Layout - With embellishments Made Out Of CreativePaperclay

I absolutely apologize for this late post, I broke 2 of my fingers off my right hand and am in a cute little pink cast right now, so my project this month is just a bit late due to just being able to actually use my hand and type!!!   
One of my tips I share a lot - especially if you paper craft, is to make the embellishments ahead of time, in order to save you time down the line!  Use molds or stamps to create the item, such as a flower, using either Creative Paperclay or Delight product as your base.  Let the piece/pieces dry like normal, and place them aside for use later on!  Then, if you need to paint it, you can customize it to the piece you are working on!  That is how today's project happened!!!
Supplies used

Colorbok papers - Sweet Bloom
Punches - circle, flower
Die cut - flower
Flower mold 
Delight product
Basket stamp
Creative Paperclay
Xacto knife
Hot glue gun
Paper trimmer

The directions will start with how to create the layout...if you need any help in basic molding and stamping, scroll down!!!  

Step one:
Decide what papers and photos you are going to use, you need 3 sheets total, 1 for the background, and 2 for matting and embellishments.  Using the other two papers, matt the 2 photos you are using.
Step two:
Using the blue side - punch 8 circles for the middle of the flowers, as well as 4 flowers.  Start to add the circles to the flowers - and to the small flowers, add the blue  flowers.  If they go off the edge of the paper, trim the excess.  
Step three:  
Add your molded flowers to the circles.  1 of the flowers will be cut in half for the top flowers (if you are using the same papers I used).  
Step four:
Die cut 3 white flowers, add a blue circle and a flower to each of the 3 flowers. Add it to the basket embellishment in an attractive way...  

Step one:
Find the mold you want to work with - take a small portion of the product you want to use (Delight or Creative Paperclay) - roll into a ball, then flatten the product to put in the mold.  
Step two: 
Add the flattened product in the mold to create the shape.  Carefully take the shape out of the mold, set aside to dry.

Step one:
Flatten out the product you want to use (I normally will use Creative Paperclay) using a rolling pin type of thing!  
Step two:  
Take your stamp, stamp the image in the product.  Take your Xacto knife, and carefully cut the shape out of the product, set aside and allow to dry!  

This is going in a frame to hang on my wall!  This is my mom, sister, daughter, son and his girlfriend!  Pages are meant to be on walls too, not JUST in books!  I will have a whole wall of photos and pages like this, working on the special photos now!  Great present for just about any reason, or just because!!!  I can't wait to get this on my family wall!!!  For more ideas for scrapbooking, join me at Memories in Tyme blog!!!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team
and Memories in Tyme      


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