Saturday, September 26, 2015

Halloween Cat Ornament By ImagiMeri's Creations

Halloween Cat Ornament
By Meri Wiley

Hi Meri here.  Sorry this is late, but I had issues loading it.  Today I'm showing you how to make a Halloween cat ornament.  I'll take you through the process of creation, but I'm leaving the painting up to you.  Happy Hallo-crafting!

Supply and Tool List for Halloween Cat Ornament

Creative PaperClay®
3” of 20 gauge wire
Wire cutters
Garlic press
Xacto knife with brand new blade
Misting water
2” Styrofoam ball
Sandpaper (I use 100 grit)
Rolling pin
1-Pair of plastic animal eyes
Whatever tools you normally use when crafting with Creative PaperClay®

These are the eyes I used, which I found at Hobby Lobby


Terri Sproul said...

great video

Jan Conwell said...

This looks like such fun! I want to decorate for Fall, but I have a doll show to tend to first. :)

Sandee Setliff said...

awesome job on the cat ornament, I really need a Halloween tree! :) Pinning this to my Halloween board!

Debbie Mazur said...

very sweet

Debbie Mazur said...


Susan said...

Cute Craft! good video!