Sunday, October 4, 2015

Creative Paperclay Organization Tip

Hello everyone, I am healing nicely with the hand, which means more creating and blogging - so this post is actually ON TIME this time!  I wanted to thank Terri, our design team leader for being so understanding with all of this - she truly is a remarkable leader!  I love working on this team, and love the things I have learned from the people here with bigger projects they have done!  I can't wait to share with you the fun things we are all creating for our design team blog hop on Halloween, as well as my idea for the month!  If you end up creating something with either product for Halloween - we are also having a link party where you can link up your project to our blog from the 15th - 31st!  Make sure you check back for the ideas!!!  
One thing I can't stand, is having my creative stuff all over the place, I like to have it organized for the most part. I recently found these containers at the dollar store and bought 4 of them, I can't believe how much stuff they actually hold!  Size wise - they are 10.5" squared - so actually quite large if you ask me!!!  In this container alone  I have all of the supplies I use with these 2 products - 

  • Product (both)
  • Rolling pin
  • Toilet paper roll (empty)
  • Larger tall round rolls (empty)
  • Pill bottle
  • 2 containers with molded images to use
  • Bag with Composimold stuff
  • Red box with molds, tin foil, slip, tools exclusive to these products
  • Scissors
  • Projects to work on
  • Scratch paper for painting
  • Notepaper for projects and notes  

When I work on projects, there are certain things I use a lot - or I don't use them with other crafts.  I also don't like everything thrown in a box no matter what it is craft wise, I really like to have everything organized a bit more either in smaller containers, or organized in a way that is easy to understand and get to!  This just works best for me!   
You can see in the photos above how I have various containers - they are for different things.  The clear and black containers have a lot of premolded items - so that when I need to use one, they are already molded and dried and ready to be customized to that project!  I keep my molds and other supplies in the red striped box (pictured at the side here), which is a recycled box from Christmas last year!!!  I hate to throw things away, as you can tell!  I also like being able to grab a container - and work on what I need to, not having to keep the whole box out!  When I am done, I can put my stuff back where it goes - perfectly organized!    
**Tip - When you go out to eat, look at the containers they give you - are they washable, and can they be reused?  I get all of mine at either Carl's Jr, Jack in the Box or Applebee's!  If they have lids on them, they are great for projects you are working on to keep everything in one place!  I also keep things I am working on in them, with the papers and embellishments in the entire container, pulling it out when I have time to create!  This also helps with dust, and making it so you don't loose any pieces!  
I hope you enjoy my tips for the month!  I am really enjoying working on the blog hop and idea for the month, and since I paper craft as it is - you know there will be fun layouts and projects throughout this month on my blog (link below), so join me there for more paper crafting ideas!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team

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