Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lynda's Halloween Idea

I was born 5 years after my older sister.  When she was a teenager, she was carving a pumpkin and cut her hand, and ended up having to have surgery... after that, Halloween for me was pretty much done!  No more carving pumpkins - no more fun decorations - or time spent on was just another day!  So, not normally being a Halloween person, this project was actually fun - and getting me out of my "norm", because of the person I am working with - my husband Del! 
This month - on the 31st, the team is doing a blog hop if you haven't heard!   We are all working really hard on bringing you a fun hop - so make sure you check back for sure!  This project is part of a whole scene Del and I are working on, I just can't share the rest with you until the day of the hop!  I assure you, the whole hop will be worth it!  
Del has been fun to work with -and necessary since I have been in a cast!  I could not have done all of this without him - goes back to not being a Halloween person, he is helping with ideas AND working on it!  I could not do this whole project without him, his hands, and especially his creative feedback - for that, I thank him from the bottom of my heart!  We are already thinking about a fun winter scene - LOL can't wait to get it rolling too!
Supplies needed for project
Creative Paperclay product
Gina's Designs die cut shapes
Paint - white, black, gray
Basic toolbox supplies

For this part of the scene - directions for doing the skeleton and the tombstones is below, as well as how to finish off each of the little pieces you see here!  

Directions (Skeleton):

Step one: Flatten out a small piece 4x5" x 2x5" of Creative Paperclay product. 
Step two:  Roll the die cut shape into the clay (lightly) - which will make an impression of the shape - into the Creative Paperclay.  
Step three:  Cut around the details of the shape, whether it is a word or the skeleton like we used. Set aside and let dry.
Step four: After the piece is cut out, using your finger and water - smooth the edges out of the shapes, to help with sanding later on! 
Step five:  After the piece completely dries, paint in the little accent parts of the skeleton (or whatever piece you choose) in black.
Directions (Tombstones):
Step one:  Since my bases are going to be covered, I chose not to paint them...though this part might change depending on the rest of the project!  Decide if you want to cover it or not...and paint it black if you want (or a color of your choice).  
Step two:  Using a flattened piece of Creative Paperclay - add it to one of the tombstones, making sure to smooth the edges going around the tombstone.  Repeat for as many tombstones as you are looking at creating.  Allow to dry.
Step three:  After the shapes have dried, lightly sand them to get out any imperfections.  Paint in silver - repeat for each of the tombstones.

Directions (rest of the project):
Paint each individual piece -such as the casket, witches cauldron, the witch (shown below here) and the sun which will be going on the house when I get that piece finished up!  The moon is a Creative Paperclay piece also painted - with the witch hot glued to the front of the moon!  

Gina's designs makes it really easy for you to create really fun - one of a kind things!  What one person does, someone else might do something totally different with it!  Add to it fun Creative Paperclay creations - and you get decorations that will last a lifetime!  I can't wait to finish up the rest of these decorations, and share it with you on the blog hop!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team


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