Monday, April 25, 2016

Faux Porcelain Pinch Pots

Pinch pots are one of the oldest forms of pottery. They’re a very easy project for children or beginners, and chances are, if you’ve ever taken a pottery class, you’ve probably made a pinch pot.

Despite their primitive origins, pinch pots can make a simple and elegant statement in your home decor. 

In today's lesson, I’ll show you how I made these faux porcelain pinch pots using Creative Paperclay.
  1. Starting with a ball of clay, open up the center of the clay with your thumb. Work your way around the inside until the walls are an even thickness and you’ve reached your desired shape.
  2. Allow the clay to dry completely, and give the pots a light sanding to remove any rough edges. I like to preserve some of the handmade character of the pots, so a light sanding is all that’s needed.
  3. Brush on a thin coat of gesso, followed by a coat of acrylic paint in your chosen color.
  4. I used gold liquid leaf for the inside of my pots. I think the white and gold is an elegant combination.
  5. I touched up the edges where the two colors met.
  6. When everything was dry, I sealed the pots with a coat of varnish. 

About Kerrie
I am a mixed media sculptor working primary in clay. Though clay is my passion, at the core, I'm simply a maker, a builder, a creator. Making things makes me happy.

I make videos about making things and post them on my channel KerrieLeeArt on YouTube and on my website