Friday, April 15, 2016

Paperclay Salt Scoops

I am a self-identified salt snob. I love salt. I have, on average, at any one time five to eight different pots of salt on my kitchen counter food prep area. Sometimes I only need a pinch of salt; sometimes more. For those sometimes more occassions, I used Creative Paperclay® to make little scoops and spoons to brighten up the salt pots.

I started with a ball of clay about 1" in diameter.

Next, I did some preliminary shaping, forming the handle of the scoop.

To form the bowl of the spoon, I held the preliminary shape in the palm of my hand, and pressed the knuckles of my index finger into the ball on the end of the handle. Here you see the scoop after I've formed the bowl.

So the spoons and scoops would maintain their shape, I supported them in condiment cups while they dried.

I wanted a rustic, primitive look so I did minimal sanding. I painted them with acrylic paints in a variety of vivid colors and added some easy designs. These little scoops and spoons definitely brighten my salt counter.



SandeeNC said...

Aren't they cute!

Anonymous said...

Your little salt scoops are adorable.

Concerned, as I know that polymer clay isn't food safe, but unsure if the paper clay and the acrylic paint are food safe.

Stay inspired!