Monday, April 18, 2016

Sandee's suggestions

When I take out my Creative Paperclay to play with I try and use up every bit, and it's great to have some embellishments on hand later. I already had some leaf embellishments ready to play with when I created my wall hanging, sometimes that can mean a lot. Afterwards I took the left over pieces one step further and painted all of them up while I was decorating the ones for the art piece. I figured why not even make it easier to use later on? I can always change the colors later on if I need to.

I also never miss a chance to make more embellishments too, and this time I added some faces to my supplies. I didn't paint these because they needed to dry first but the next time I need a face I'll have several on hand to experiment with.

I store each group in separate baggies so they are easy to find and easy to store.
Little things like that make art time even more fun!

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MisS MiKO said...

Great way to have pre-made embellishments available to use when you're ready! AWESOME idea!!