Monday, September 19, 2016

Shari's tip of the month for September - The Stash Box

Good Morning!

My tip for this month is something that you may not think of when you are creating. Its simple but can save you tons of time.

Every time I open up my paperclay and make that first piece for my project I stop and I think. Should I make another for my paperclay stash? Of course!

Need a common shape that you could use on another project? Check your paperclay stash. Are you doing multiples of a project and are short that one piece and no more clay on hand? Check your stash box. Hate waiting for pieces to dry? You could have a piece all ready to go in your stash.

Once you create one piece it's always easier to make another right away. Don't forget about those "mistakes" you make also. Don't toss them! It might be perfect for another project. Put it in your Paperclay stash box.

Here is some of my Creative Paperclay® stash. I keep it in a clear container so its easy to see what I have.

Hope this tip will help you when making magic with Creative Paperclay®.

Happy Creating,

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