Monday, September 12, 2016

Tis The Season - Ornament

I'm getting a jump start on Christmas Ornaments this year. This was my very first attempt, there were some learning curves I'd like to share.


The body of the cat is approximately 2" tall x 1.5" diameter.  This little cutie was shaped during the last week of August in Maine, the humidity was 80+%.  The complete drying time was a week and a half, even with the AC running; things to think about when molding in 3-D. 

Creative Paper Clay
Liquid glue
Acrylic paint: black, pistachio, pink, white
Tooth picks, wire, hanging cord, sanding tool, paint brushes

I was thrilled to find that the package of clay I had opened last month was still moist and easy to work with.

1. Roll and mold shapes for body, head, 4 paws, tail and ears.
2. Assemble the pieces while the clay is still moist.  Use a tooth pick, or a narrow screw to attach the head to the body.  Use glue to attach the paws, ears and tail.
3. Use a piece of thick wire, twisted to attach the hanging cord through the top of the head.  Let dry.
4. Using a sanding tool, sand away any unsightly markings from fingernails etc.
5. Paint the entire figure with black acrylic paint using a stipple brush.  This will add texture to mimic fur and also hide imperfections.
6. Paint the details: pink and black acrylic mixed for inner ears and nose, white whiskers, gray accents on feet, white and green eyes.

All in all, the steps to create this cutie were minimal. A great project for beginners.

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Laura S Reading said...

Beautiful kitty. Wonderful eyes.
I could follow your fantastic directions and never get anything that looks like this.
With Halloween just around the corner I would love a bunch!