Monday, September 26, 2016

Up-cycle: Lighted Jar

This up-cycled pickle jar could light up a fall wedding table, or be a pretty night light anywhere.

Creative Paper Clay
Acrylic paint: gold and green
10" Amethyst Gross Grain Ribbon: May Arts
Flourish rubber stamp: Hero Arts 
Burlap Gerbera Daisy - Floral Garden and faux Ivy (Michaels Craft Store)
Small set (10) of clear lights (battery operated or your preference)
Scissors, hot glue gun, stipple brush, other paint brush, Parchment paper, Brayer tool, empty clear glass jar,
single paper hole punch

1. Remove the labels and adhesive from the old jar.
2. Stipple the jar lid with green acrylic paint to cover any lettering. Let dry.
3. Hot glue and Daisy and ivy to the lid. 
4. Roll out clay thinly on the parchment paper, to the size needed for the jar, approximately 5" x 12".
5. Stamp into the moist, rolled clay firmly.  Rotate the stamp, using multiple directions for complete coverage.The thinner the clay, the more light will come through.
6. Brush gold acrylic paint over the surface of the stamped clay.
7. Let the paint dry, but while the clay is still moist, roll the parchment paper around the jar and tape it secure; let the clay dry completely.
8.  Trim any rough edges.  The top and bottom should be flat, if possible. The ends of the clay that are tied together in the back are not straight.
9.  Punch a hole in the center of each end of the dried, formed clay.  Place the clay around the jar and tie the ends together with ribbon.
10. Place the lights inside the jar and VIOLA!

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