Thursday, July 26, 2018

How to make a Creative Paperclay® decorative fish with Delightclay® seashells

                                                          Welcome to another tutorial.


                              Keeping with a summer theme I decided to make a Creative Paperclay®                                                                                                       fish and seashells with Delight™ 



Creative Paperclay®

Delight™ air dry modeling compound

6 inch Oval wood base

¼ inch dowel 4 inches long


Acrylic paints, your choice of colors

Wilton Candy Mold - Seashell

Craft sand

Sculpting tools


Strong glue


Take foil and make a flattened round shape that is approximately 1 ½ inch thick and almost 3 inches wide. Roll out Creative Paperclay enough to cover the foil about ¼ inch thick. Smooth the entire piece.

 Tail and fins.  Take Creative Paperclay that is in a triangle shape that is 3 inches wide by 2 ½ inches long with a flattened end press on one end of the body for the tail. Use water as glue to connect the two. 

 Make a triangle for the nose and attach it the same like you did with the tail.

Draw lines on both sides of the tail and fins take the end of a paint brush and put indentations in the body for the scales. I put a paper towel under the tail to support it while it dries. 

 Hold the body of the fish up and look down at it to so you can get the eyes even. Take the end of a large paintbrush handle and press in for the eyes. Let dry a little so it’s easier to work with. 

Make 2 more triangles that are about 1 ½ inches wide by 1 ½ inches long and ½ inch thick.  Add the triangles to the top and bottom of the fish for the fins. Draw lines on the fins let dry. 


Drill a hole in the center of the wood base for the dowel then take a knife or drill and make a hole at the bottom of the fish for the dowel to go in.  Wait to glue the dowel in the fish and base till after you paint them. 

   Base coat the fish with Gesso let dry then paint the fish with acrylics of your choice, I painted mine with gold then antiqued with a metallic blue then antiqued it again with white. 

Step 8: Paint the eyes black.  Paint the dowel and base with acrylic paint. I used a gold color. Glue the dowel in the base with wood glue. Glue the dowel into the fish with a strong all-purpose glue. Paint the base with glue and sprinkle sand to cover the top. Let everything dry.  

Step 9:   Seashells

Sprinkle either baby powder or corn starch in the plastic seashell mold and press the Delight™ into the mold pull out and trim the edges with scissors. Let dry.

I painted the shells with a light beige paint then highlighted the edges with pink and gold. Then glue the shells onto the base. 

       Creative Paperclay® and Delight™ are conveniently available for you to purchase online and at the below listed retailers.

                                                   Thanks for checking out this tutorial.


Barbara Moore said...

This is so cute! I love the beachy feel of it. Great tutorial too.

Kat Anderson Studios said...

Thank you so much Barbara!