Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sweet Treats with Creative Paperclay® Want some Ice Cream?

Sweet Treats with Creative Paperclay®

Summer is my favorite time of year! I love the sunny days,  splashing around in the water, and telling stories around the campfire.  I also love all of the Summertime treats like s’mores, strawberry shortcake, and of course ICE CREAM!  What’s your favorite flavor?  Mine is Macapuno!

Join me in making a realistic ice cream cone of your own using Creative Paperclay®


Masking Tape (florist tape, gaffers tape, and painters tape work too.)
Aluminum foil or newsprint paper
Dowel or bamboo skewer (about a 2” piece)
Creative Paperclay®
Needlepoint Plastic or other texture
Gesso (I used Black Golden brand. )
Acrylic Paint (I used Liquitex and Golden. )
Paint Brushes (Gesso can be hard on brushes.  Use cheap foam brushes for this. ) 
Sandpaper (I used 320 -420 grits)
Sculpting Tools are optional.  I did this with my fingers and a bit of water.
Shop Rag – To smooth over clay.  
Dust Mask or Bandana – use this when sanding
Sealer - ( I have used PYM II because it is what I had.  I have also used Krylon Matte and Crystal Clear and Golden Archival Spray Varnish.)   
Check out this article about sealer by Creative Paperclay® Design Team Member Gloriann Irizarry 

It’s getting hot out there!  Let’s get started!  

Start with a ball of aluminum foil or newspaper, or junk mail (I like offering economical and ecological options).  Crumple it up to make it round and domed, like half of a ball.  This is your ice cream scoop.  Make it as big or small as you like.  (Remember, it will grow when we add on our clay.  (But I don’t judge.)

Before compressing the shape too much, push a piece of dowel the bottom of the ice cream scoop.  This will hold the cone to the cream later.

Make a cone shape out of foil.  Compress it so that your clay has something substantial to hold it’s shape. 

Cover your parts with a layer of masking tape.  This creates a smoother more even surface for your clay to adhere to.

Paint a layer of gesso onto the clay surface.  I have tried without doing this and it does work but, I find that the gesso gives the clay a better surface to stick to.  You can also use acrylic paint or white pva glue.  Allow the gesso to dry.  A blow dryer is the great expediter.  We wanna get to the fun part, right??? 

Now you get to bust open that package of Creative Paperclay® YAY!!!
***Tip - I cut my packages open with scissors and immediately put them in a Ziploc bag with a wet sponge.  I store unused Creative Paperclay® like this to maintain a humid environment.  

Add a layer of Creative Paperclay® to the entire surface of your dome shape.  This should be no thicker than a pancake.  Add torn bits and chunks around the edges to resemble the base of a scoop of ice cream.  Pinch around the scoop and add a few drips around the edges.

Using the needle point plastic for texture, roll out a sheet of clay big enough to cover your cone shape.
You can allow your parts to dry naturally over night or in an oven at a very low temperature (200-250 degrees for 30 to 60 minutes).  I have not done this.  I always just allow them to air dry.
***Tip - Some cracking can occur on the surface during the drying stage.  It is easily patched up with wet clay and a bit of water.  Slow drying and thin layers will give the best results.

After they are dry you can attach your parts.  Wet each piece with a bit of water on the areas that will be connected together (rim of cone and base of ice cream.  

Use a bit of wet clay to attach the pieces together. Blend the seam wit a tool (popsicle sticks are great!) or fingers.  Add more ragged torn bits and pinch the base of the ice cream to look more realistic.  I also added a few drips (‘cuz keepin’ it real).  Allow your cone to dry completely at this point.
Add a couple of thin coats of gesso, allowing it to dry between coats.  Remember our great expediter, the blow dryer!  This will fill in any slight imperfections and create a nice surface for your paint.  Sanding the gesso is really optional but, if you have any rough parts, especially in the cone you can gently sand them down.  

***Tip – Whenever you are sanding I recommend wearing a dust mask or some other barrier to prevent you from inhaling the gesso and Creative Paperclay® particles.  You only have one set of lungs.  Take care of them!  Safety first!  This is also a messy job!  Do it outside if you can. 

After sanding and gessoing you are ready to paint!  Hurray!  Paint your favorite ice cream flavor with acrylic paints as desired.  After it dries seal your painted piece with a clear UV resistant sealer.
And enjoy your yummy frozen treat!!!
I hope that you have enjoyed this project as much as I have!  I'll be back with more "What's On My Workbench Wednesday" fun on the first Wednesday of each month.

Until then, stay cool, stay hydrated, and don’t forget the sun screen!  




linda hess said...

cute project. Perfect for the heatwave that has hit this week!

LaLa said...

Thank you Linda! My thoughts exactly! I love Ice Cream! Doesn't everyone?