Monday, December 24, 2018

Have Fun Making this Creative Paperclay Ornament!

I wanted to make some last minute Christmas Ornaments and here is an easy tutorial on making one out of a gourd and Creative Paperclay!

Materials needed for this project:

Paint Brushes
Mold (flowers and leaves/IOD medallions/flourishes)
super glue gel

These are some of the molds and gourds that I laid out to use. 

These are a couple of the gourds that I started out using the Delight Clay on. I ended up adding some flourishes to both of them that I molded out of the Creative Paperclay. They didn't get dry enough for me to paint so I set them aside to dry and finished up the other one.

On the one that was completed for this project, I used the flower petals and leaf mold and created a Poinsettia. I started out by cleaning the outside of the gourd and creating a top which I glued to the top of the gourd and inserted an eyelet which I also applied Super Glue Gel to. The glue will dry as the clay does and creates a strong bond.

I molded each of the petals and applied them to the gourd with some Super Glue Gel, just as I did with the leaves. Of course as I rolled each of the balls for the center I put down some Super Glue Gel first and then added the balls. I sat the ornament in front of a room heater for the night and it was ready for paint when I went out the next morning. I didn't put the others in front and they weren't quite ready.

I painted the top with the Plaid Paint in Gold and painted the background in the Plaid Paint in True Blue. The flower petals were painted in Plaid Paint in Apple Red and the leaves in Plaid Paint in Kelly Green. I painted the center in Plaid Moon Yellow. I got a small amount of the Plaid Gold paint and dry brushed it on the flower petals and the leaves. I don't think that the pictures do this ornament justice. It turned out beautifully and the Creative Paperclay was so easy to work with in the molds, as was the Delight Clay. These definitely won't be the last ornaments I make just maybe the last ones for this year.

I hope you try using Creative Paperclay or Delight Clay in making ornaments. You certainly don't have to use gourds, you can use plastic ornaments or whatever you desire. I work with gourds quite a lot so that's what I had on hand. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and leave a comment below. Check out the Creative Paperclay website and also the Plaid website for more ideas and all of their products.


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Melandolly said...

Very cute, I love it!