Thursday, January 30, 2020

Creative Paperclay and Power Sander

Materials List

Palm or Hand sander (I have one made by Black and Decker that is shaped like a small iron)

Pre-shaped (made for this sander) sand paper, medium grit

Safety glasses (to protect from dust and debris)

Dry Creative Paperclay head or other art object needing a large area sanded

Barely damp cloth (for wiping dust and smoothing)

Regular sand paper ...medium and is up to you how smooth you want your sculpt.  I do primitives, so I don't try to get out all the imperfections.

Power Sanding Creative Paper Clay

Hey there everybody…I’m part of the 3rd world tonight!  My son was not here to operate the editing software.  I guess my hubby will have to learn…maybe even the technically challenged, Carly Smith! So, it’s just written instructions, pictures and one short video.  It is also a short tutorial as I have two new puppies I am keeping up with!  LOL!

Has anyone here ever used a power sander on their Creative Paperclay doll heads?  Well, if you haven’t…you are in for a treat!  Its easier on the hands to do the larger areas that do not have sculpting on them…for example, the back and top of the head.

It really smooths overlapped clay and other imperfections. However, you must be careful not to press the sander too hard as you may take off more clay than you would like.

Step 1- Put on safety glasses

Step 2-   Turn on sander and begin sanding (sanding outside is best, but I only demonstrated the sander for a few moments inside for purposes of lighting and comfort)

Step 3- Wipe over the head area and finish out the fine sanding by hand. Wipe again.

Thank you so much, ya'll for looking!

My best always,


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