Friday, January 24, 2020

Glitterific Office Buddy

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I am going to show you how I made my new little Glitterific Office buddy for my desk at work out of a wooden peg. He also serves as a pencil topper but I mostly like to have him standing off to the side as a reminder that I have a whole life filled with creativity outside of my 9-5. I’ve been having a rough time readjusting to being back at the office after traveling these past few weeks so I needed something exciting and fun on my desk to snap me out of it!

  • Creative paperclay
  • peg
  • sanding paper
  • acrylic paint
  • Folkart Glitterific acrylic paint
  • drill
  • pliers

First, I took my peg and figured out what size drill bit to use so that it could be placed on top of a pencil. Once that was sorted, I took a pair of pliers to hold the peg in place while I drilled out the hole. Be careful while using the drill and make sure that you drill about an inch so that the piece doesn’t topple over while it is sitting on top of your pen or pencil. Try the topper after drilling to see if it sits comfortably on top of your pencil. When the fit is right for you, move on to the next step.

I began to cover the top of the peg with Creative paperclay. I had some left over from a pack that dried out a bit. I conditioned it with some water and when it got a bit soggy I mashed it in place and allowed it to dry. Whenever I have semi dried out clay, I will use it for the base layer of a piece if possible and then use newer clay on top so that I could work out fine details.

Here I added a layer of newer clay that was a bit more pliable. When this layer dried, I went on to start building up the face.

I rarely make dolls with masculine features, or sculpt ears. Out of all of the dolls that I’ve created, there may be a total of 5 that actually have ears and maybe 4 males. I decided that I would try to work on those things that I am not comfortable with and see how they turn out.

I wanted to try out this new Folkart glitterific acrylic paint that I got from Plaid. I of course went with a shiny gold basecoat to put the glitter paint on top of.

After painting the piece in full gold, I began to put on a coat of the glitterific. I wasn’t sure of how to apply it to the piece, but I did realize that you can't just squirt it out of the tube like you normally would with normal paint. It has to be poured out into your paint tray and then painted on with a brush.
After a few coats, I realized that I still wasn't getting as much glitter as I would like, so I ended up just applying the glitter on the piece directly with a stick. 

Here is what I ended up creating with all that glitter, I do admit that I went a bit too far! Use Glitterific with caution and most importantly, have fun doing it!

Thank you all once again for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoyed today's tutorial! You can find Creative Paperclay® at the following retailers Creative Paperclay® Online Store, Michael'sAmazon, Joann's and Glitterific Folkart Paint at Plaid

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LaLa said...

Now that's what I call using your head! Very clever! I also keep a few fun toys on my desk.